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Good old Windows Movie Maker 6.0 has been installed on the laptop under Windows 10. Even if it is near obsolete, all these little additional goodies over at Blaine’s Ville are simply irresistible.

The software still runs stable under Windows 10 and I could edit and trim the clips into a movie just fine. The sting however turned out to be in the tail. When all was trimmed and polished, I did not succeed in exporting the movie out of Windows Movie Maker into any of the common video-formats.

And suddenly Blaine’s Ville and the Windows Movie Makers forum turned out to be pretty much down, even if the sites are still up. A lot like pubs with all the booze still there but no one around to serve it.

I ended up having to chop the movie into smaller parts, export those and then stitch the whole thing together. The result is thus not optimal, but it will have to do for now. I will look around to get this solved for future installments.

But for now, hope you enjoy the Edmonton video.