The content in a nutshell

It has remained very quiet here for the last 12 months or so. Intersection Diaries is however still the home of characters such as John Patrich Voigt and Timothy Vermeersch.

This blog contains snippets of their lifes and crimes as they rave through different simulators. All of these simulators have a link with driving and turn a bland personal computer into a world that beckons to be discovered.

The different categories listed on the lower part of the left side-bar are probably the easiest way to navigate around the blog. They group the different posts according to type of media/contribution and racing series.

John Patrich Voigt tumbled into a life behind the scenes of different racing series almost by coincidence. His progression through racing’s ranks, or rather lack of it, is followed through the eyes of different observers who have, or at least claim to have, J.P.’s best interests in mind. The J.P. Voigt fragments are compiled as race chronicles and/or short movies. The races J.P. participates in, are mainly online races organised by the Historic Simracing Organisation. More info regarding the Historic Simracing Organisation can be found on their homepage.

Timo Vermeersch is a youngster who left a comfortable home to pursue uncertain racing dreams in Europe. The early beginnings of Timo’s story are captured in a first novel that is now available on Amazon. You can get a copy from this PAGE. More info as well as some movies, pictures and other media illustrating the story can be found here under the Intersection Diaries-category.

Happy reading and watching!