Intersection Diaries

Download Part I for FREE HERE.

Welcome to a place that provides information on the serial novel Intersection Diaries.

Intersection Diaries is a novel I started writing some time back. The idea is to publish it through subsequent installments. The intention being to release each installment as a free e-book.

On this page, you can find information on the published installments of the novel. And on how to download them.

The first part is now available in Mobi, Epub and PDF. You can download it HERE. You will be directed to a short questionnaire: 7 basic questions, nothing personal. Should only take you about 45 seconds. Once completed, you will be redirected to the free download of part 1.

Reading the novel online is possible but may be slow. Downloading the novel in your preferred format, storing it on your harddisk and reading it from there, is thus advised.

Under 1971 Formula 1, you can find some fictionalized reports of 1971 Formula 1 simulated races. Reports of the 1971 Can-Am season can be found under 1971 Can-Am.

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