Historic and other sim diaries

Tales from the Historic and International Simracing Organisations.

Welcome to Historic Simracing Organisation and International Simracing Organisation‘s media page. Here we try to gather different pieces of media related to our league races. These may be reports, short or longer movies, screenshots, articles dealing with real life background of our races and so on.

The Historic Simracing Organisation or HSO was founded in 2008 as an online simracing league. The particularity of HSO is that it strives to recreate historical seasons as accurately as possible. For that, the in-house team of modders tries to recreate historically correct tracks and race series as accurately as possible. HSO-mods such as CART 1988 (both for rFactor 1 and Automobilista) and Formula 1971 (Automobilista) gained a very strong reputation around the entire sim community.

The current platform of choice is Automobilista. Races are usually held on Sunday- and/or Wednesday-evenings. For more info, head over to the main site and to the forum.

The International Simracing Organisation or ISO is a complement to HSO. It was created in 2017, largely by the crew behind HSO. It aims at organising more casual events focused on different eras/series of contemporary and modern motorsports, benefiting from all the high quality material that comes with the Automobilista platform.

The current platform of choice at ISO is Automobilista, but other platforms may be considered. Races are usually held on weekday-evenings. For more info, head over to the main site and to the forum.

The different media are organized in categories. On top of the page, you will find links to categories covering current HSO and ISO-series. At present, these are Tom Fitch-reports covering the HSO 1980 Procar Series and highlight movies by Jonatan Acerclinth and Jason White covering the HSO 1996 British Touring Car Championship.

Links to content for previous series are found on the left side of the page.

The category Intersection Diaries provides information regarding Intersection Diaries, the serial novel project of Tom Fitch, one of the contributors here. The first installment in the novel has been released for some years now. A download link is provided in the category.