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PROCAR80_40Grant Riddall – Winner

Q1: Pole with a lap about 1 second faster than Jaques. Untouchable during the entire race and another crushing victory. Just another one in your fast growing collection of awesome triumphs?

GR: The Pole time was somewhat of a surprise to me. I really managed to hook the perfect lap up and I think Jaques had more than he showed. Same situation in the race. Really kept it clean and in the first stint Jaques pushed me more than I liked and a few laps he gained on me, but I think he then had a few slower laps which allowed me to build the gap. Either way I wanted to end the season with a win, so was very pleased.Thumbs Up, Smiley Face, Emoji, Happy, Smiley, Face


Q2: With 7 wins out of 9 races, which should have been 8 wins really, you were the clear dominant factor this season. You are one of the fastest drivers at HSO without a doubt. But this kind of dominance, in equal cars, was something of a surprise. Do you see a specific reason?

GR: I’d say two reasons. The first was the car, it allows me to drive the way I like. I adapted pretty quickly and found the perfect setup. The second is basically what I’ve said all season. Jaques simply ran out of luck and I honestly have no doubt it would have gone down to the last race had he not had so many issues. His bad luck was my good luck and I managed to capitalize on this.

Q3: Any last thoughts on the season?

GR: What can I say? The work Richard and David put into this and all of our other mods is stunning. And for myself, greatly appreciated. The organisation of HSO and the effort Jason and co put into broadcasting makes it that much more immersive. This season has been great and I would love to race these cars again!


PROCAR80_55David Jaques – Silver Medal

Q1: Second place at Imola and the final podium spot in the championship must be some consolation for a difficult season?

DJ: The best part was having a final race where there were no surprises; except for Grant’s amazing pace, but that isn’t much of a surprise anymore. Really pleased with the final result, could have been much worse with all the challenges.

Q2: It al started pretty good with a 4th at Donnington, a win at Avus and again a 4th at Monaco. But then things went sour. Ending third in the standings with 4 retirements in 9 races is possibly at least as impressive as Grant’s run. Do you think you would have had a shot at the series without all those retirements?

DJ: I doubt it. Grant was on top form. I don’t think I could have kept up on pace, but maybe if I didn’t disconnect at Norisring, and didn’t blow up with the shifting issue at Brands (while leading), it might have put a bit of pressure on Grant. But like I said, he had the pace, no matter what I did. I would have need some help to compete with him in this series.

Q3: Any last thoughts on the season?

DJ: Tremendous mod, great cars that are really fun to drive. Had a few epic races, great moments throughout. For me personally, the Avus finish will always be a highlight; especially the broadcast which really captured the excitement. Congratulations to Grant, and thanks HSO for another great series!


PROCAR80_42Gabriel Sterr – Bronze Medal

Gabriel Sterr’s management informed us that Mr Sterr being German, he had not appreciated our comments on the broadcast system at the Hockenheim race. Mr Sterr therefore refused to answer our questions. He even refused to reply to the messages we left him. Besides, Mr Sterr’s management said, Mr Sterr only speaks to Die Welt.