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PROCAR80_40Grant Riddall – Winner

Q1: The championship is now officially yours. Happy?

GR: Very. I had some concerns at the beginning of this championship. Never winning in something other than an open wheeler, I was doubtful of how I’d get on. But with some luck and finding a great balance in the car I’m pleased I’ve managed to be consistent and take home the prize!

Q2: After a blazing start, you struggled to get into the rhythm. Was there some stress with the title up for grabs?

GR: I honestly have no idea what was up with me. I had a great start and then felt anxious to open the car up. After Thiago disconnected, it all came back. So I’m guessing there were some nerves playing in the background for sure!

Q3: Given the choice, what would you choose: two wins in the CART 1988 championship or wins at both Hockenheim and Imola in the M1?

GR: Tricky question… but it’ll have to be Cart, I’m after an oval win. Something I’ve been wanting to complete for a long time. But that said, I’ll be giving it everything in both championships but also making sure I stay out of the fight for 2nd in the championship for Procars, as that’s looking interesting!


PROCAR80_75Steve Parker – Silver Medal

Q1: You came close to the podium at Avus and Brands. Other races got marred by bad luck. So this must feel great?

SP: Yes, it was a relief to finish a race.

Q2: You won the IROC 1975-championship and came close to winning the Trans-Am 1971 championship in the over 5 liter class. These seventies, heavy GT-cars seem to suit you well. Are they also what you like driving most?

SP: Without doubt they are the most fun to drive.

Q3: How did you feel having Brian just behind, with the Österreichring incident in mind?

SP: Was not a problem. Brian is usually a very good driver, it was just a mistake on his side.


PROCAR80_45Brian Janik – Bronze Medal

Q1: Not counting Gold Star-events, this is your first podium at HSO since 2015. So I guess you are happy?

BJ: Happy until I realized I’d have to deal with the media. Also not as rewarding to climb on podium due to the misfortune of a couple pilots ahead. And pretty annoyed to hit a phantom car on lap 10, which otherwise I could have been one step higher.

Q2: You were one of the first to have a time on LiveRacers for Zandvoort. Does that hint at a solid preperation for this race?

BJ: More an indication of frustrated energy from the lost result at the Portland 88 CART event. Needed to get back behind the wheel ASAP.

Q3: How do you prefer your beers: icecold or just chilled?

BJ: I Like my Whiskey with a single, solid, block of ice! Hopefully I won’t have such a HUGE gap until the next podium. And I’ll remember to sneak out the back door!!… Do you have any ice?

Note from the editor: Ice and single malts… tss tss tss.