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PROCAR80_40Grant Riddall – Winner

Q1: You struggle getting these things started. Is the problem getting the power down without wheels spinning out of control or is it getting gears engaged as you shift up?

GR: Its a downfall of mine with this mod. I’ve tried different techniques but nothing is working for me! Something I’m working on for sure!

Q2: Brands saw you making a rare error. Is it the nature of this track to push drivers to the limit?

GR: I wouldn’t say it pushes us to the limits, more of a plain and simple error on my behalf. Pushing to open a gap, you have to take the risks. Sometimes those risks don’t pay off!!

Q3: Who will stop you from sweeping this championship clean?

GR: Anyone mathematically still in the fight. I’ve said previously and still stand by what I said, I have had some great luck where as some haven’t. But to ask who I feel may pose the biggest threat, well its Jaques. He’s the guy I fear the most throughout any Championship.

PROCAR80_25Thiago Canola – Silver Medal

Q1: You had a blazing start but then Grant was all over the place during the next two laps. Those laps must have been stressing as hell?

TC: I think the start was normal. Grant had too much wheel spin. It was a matter of time until Grant could overtake me. Wasn’t too worried about it.

Q2: You seemed full on par with Grant and David in the first half of the race. Then seemed to fall back by the end. That also was the case in other races. Are you struggling with the tires as the races near their end, or does a lighter car suit you less? Or any other reason?

TC: Honestly, looking at the wheel lock-ups, I think I was one of the drivers with most rubber left Smile. It is just the way I drive. I don’t bite the bullet very often, almost never actually.

Q3: Who will stop Grant from sweeping this championship clean?

TC: Not me.

PROCAR80_69John Thim – Bronze Medal

Q1: You showed raw speed in all of the previous races, but something always marred your effort. This time things seemed to tick and you finished on the podium. Happy?

JT: Had a good feeling about this one. I had realized some mistakes I made earlier on race setups being to casual. As you said everything ticked and the car was a joy to drive. I will say its never nice to benefit from anyone’s misfortunes, in this case Jaques. However I’m very satisfied with my own drive and my first podium.

Q2: The guys in front were well ahead and those behind were well behind. Wasn’t it too lonely out there?

JT: In one way yes and in the other way no. In the beginning I badly wanted to keep up with the cars in front. But I had to calm my self down and realize the real battle for me was staying away from the cars behind. These cars are a hand full at every corner. So it was more or less me versus the track doing qualifying laps for the whole race, trying to keep up the gap whilst not making a mistake.

Q3: Who will stop Grant from sweeping this championship clean?

JT: Clean, I’m guessing you mean winning all races? Jaques did put a stop to that at Avus. As for the championship, Grant has enough lead and consistency to keep the advantage while still going for race wins at any venue. If anyone is to stop that, I’m guessing Thiago.