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“Damned! I’m fucked…” The grey man mumbled.

It had sounded so good. An innocent, yet enjoyable side-job. Driving cars and then write short pieces on them. What do pro-drivers think of this or that car? Something along those lines. That was the working title the local paper had in mind.

How hard could it be? So Marcelo had jumped at the opportunity. Or what had looked like one at first sight.

But here and now, opportunity was the last thing that sprung to mind. Driving around a Fiat 500, a mickey-mouse car desperately in need of an engine.

According to the info package, the car is supposed to have a 1.2 liter petrol engine delivering 68 hp. But the last three hours, Marcelo has been desperately looking for those 68 horses. Without being successful at it.

As long as he had been driving the car around the city and along the smaller roads on the coast, all had been fine. Acceleration did not live up to the expectations nurtured by the vivid looks of the car. But were comfortably sufficient around town.

And the interior was really cozy and well trimmed for parading past shops and busy restaurants. Even if after a day or two, the materials already felt somewhat cheap. Overall, the interior was however pretty decent for a car in this range.

Marcelo had even picked up his nephews from school and the rear seats easily fitted two young teenagers. No surprise there actually. Its great grandfather even accommodated a giant called Jean Reno.

Yet, on the outside, the car remained nimble. Making it a joy to park everywhere in Marbella. Even after a few cervezas, it still easily fitted into the smallest spots.

On day 3, Marcelo decided to take the car for a drive to Granada and back. Disastrous! As soon as the highway towards Granada started climbing, which it does straight out of Malaga, the car seemed to stop. It just lacked the power to tackle the steep offshoots of the Sierra Nevada.

And when the road descended, as of 110 km/h, the car was so unstable and imprecise, that it scared even old warrior Marcelo. Although he would obviously never admit that much.

Marcelo’s opinion in a nutshell then: the perfect car for trips to the hairdressers and back. Beyond that, you might want to consider something different.