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Guillermo… An alchemist?

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When mixing one of his favorite gin and tonics… Most certainly.

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An 88%-openness score was to be expected. From one who seems to spend his entire days talking to just about anyone. As to the impractical thinking. Few things appear more impractical than attending a youngster’s racecourse when firmly middle-aged. Some of the instructors even wonder how he manages to still get in and out of the nimble single-seaters.

Even if well above 50%, the 66%-agreeableness score is still lower than expected. One indeed expects the man who provides the booze to be more popular than that.

Emotionally speaking, the low neuroticism-score hints at Guillermo being the opposite of Timo and Marcelo. Yet, even he is diagnosed as prone to negative thoughts. Which makes one wonder whether there still is something like positive thinking in our world? If even Guillermo is not an unconditional positive thinker, who is?

That he is extravert and thrives well in social activities again is within expectations. Those activities generally tend to boost beverage consumption… and thus Guillermo’s wallet.

That being said, be aware of that perceived acting on impulse, mentioned under his conscientiousness-score. It could well be just a trick of the businessman to sell even more booze.